Election Information

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NCIL’s 2024 Governing Board elections are now open.

The Candidate’s Forum on July 9, 2024 will provide an opportunity to learn more about the candidates. You can vote before or after the Candidates’ Forum. The event will be archived and shared with captioning and a transcript for those that are not able to join the live event.

NCIL’s balloting process will remain open for 45 days. Please use this time to familiarize yourself with the candidates; attend the Candidate’s Forum; and fully consider your vote before you cast your ballot by July 20 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern.

The following positions are open for election this year:

  • Vice President,
  • Secretary, 
  • Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) Chair,
  • Three Member at-Large positions, and
  • Representatives of Regions II, IV, VI, VIII, and X (2, 4, 6, 8, and10).
  • One Youth at-Large position

Who is eligible to vote?

In order to vote, you must be a current (paid) individual, youth, or organizational member. Only the primary contact for a member organization may vote on that organization’s behalf. Associate members (staff of member organizations who do not hold an individual membership and who are not the primary contact for a member organization) are not eligible to vote.

Ready to vote?

  • Cast your ballot (members only)
  • Contact Denise@ncil.org with any questions about accessing members-only content

Once cast, all votes are final. Results will be announced during the Annual Council Meeting on July 23 and communicated electronically to the full membership shortly thereafter.

NCIL is not offering proxies this year since voting is being made available to all members. No nominations or voting for candidates will take place during the Annual Council Meeting.

Alternate Formats

Please email eleanor@ncil.org if you need an alternate format of the ballot.