Call for Resolutions

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Each year, NCIL members have the opportunity to submit resolutions for consideration by the NCIL board and membership.

The purpose of resolutions is for members to speak directly to what NCIL does and what NCIL stands for. A resolution, if adopted, is a formal opinion from NCIL or a commitment to taking action on a specific topic.

Only NCIL members – individuals and organizations – are eligible to submit a resolution for consideration and / or submit comments during the comment period.

Resolutions must be received by May 30, 2024.

The Process

If any resolutions are received by the deadline, the NCIL President will appoint a task force to review them to determine their impact on each of the following areas: NCIL’s mission, financial and personnel resources, priorities, guiding principles / values, and any legal implication for the organization.

If the resolution is in accordance with the five areas, it will then be sent to the membership for a comment period. After members have weighed in, the task force will create a summary of comments. NCIL’s board will then vote to accept or reject the resolution based on the recommendations of the task force, the comments provided by members, and its alignment with the impact areas listed above.

No resolutions will be accepted after the May 30, 2024 deadline. The results of the board vote will be announced at NCIL’s Annual Council Meeting during the 2024 Annual Conference on Independent Living (  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Thank you.


Theo Braddy

Executive Director

National Council on Independent Living