Health + Safety Guidelines

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The health and safety of our guests and attendees is very important to the National Council on Independent Living. By attending the 2024 Annual Conference on Independent Living, you agree to abide by and engage in certain health and safety protocols while attending the conference sessions.

Proactive measures must be taken in response to varied illness currently circulating, including COVID-19. NCIL continues to monitor updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Washington D.C. Department of Public Health. NCIL will follow applicable federal, state, and local laws, adapting our plans and sharing updates with our attendees along with Care & Cleanliness Commitment from the Grand Hyatt Washington.

Here are NCIL’s health and safety protocols for 2024 Annual Conference on Independent Living.

Please note, these may be adjusted depending on the current public health environment.


Masks are encouraged, but will be optional this year, pending any unforeseen events. Please plan to bring your own mask if you would like to wear one. If you have any questions regarding the new protocols, please reach out to

Social Distancing

Social distancing will be practiced at all Annual Conference activities.

Environmental / Chemical Sensitivities

Fragrances and chemicals can be barriers to access. To help make this Conference accessible to participants for whom chemicals or fragrances are an access barrier, NCIL requests that you come fragrance free. Please refrain from wearing any scented products or washing with them. This includes clothing that has been laundered with fragranced detergent or fabric softening products. Additionally, please completely air out any dry-cleaned clothing before wearing it to the Conference.

Smoke can also be an access barrier. It is essential that we maintain a smoke-free environment. If you smoke, please use the designated smoking area located outside the Hyatt. Please refrain from smoking near any other doorways or paths of travel. The hotel entrance at 11th Street should be the least polluted with cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust, although it unfortunately has steps.

Sensory Retreat / Quiet Room

The McPherson room will be available throughout the Conference as a sensory retreat. This room is reserved for individuals that need a break from overstimulation and / or the large group environment of the Conference. Please help us maintain this accommodation. Do not use this space to hold conversations or meetings. Franklin is available as a multipurpose room / dialogue zone.


Accommodations may be requested on the registration form in the comments section or by emailing